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Conor Scally
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Conor "VexZeus" Scally is an Irish player for Epsilon eSports, well known for his time on Prophecy and Dinosaurs.
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Halo 5: Guardians

VexZeus attempted to qualify for the Halo World Championship 2016 EMEA Regional Finals through the UK Finals as part of Rift Gaming alongside Adz, A Sneaky Walrus and Harper, but his team failed to make the top 4 qualifying barrier, placing top 8. On a last minute squad called I Like Upsets alongside Batchford, Lethal and Purplex, Vex nearly qualified, placing 2nd in the LCQ.

VexZeus broke out at Multiplay Insomnia 57, where as a member of team Movement alongside WarLord, Flamez and Qristola, he took 2nd place, losing to Epsilon in the Finals. Vex then looked toward qualifying for the Summer 2016 Pro League. After failing in his first attempt to qualify with Movement, Flamez and Qristola left to join Dinosaurs, while Vex sat out the remainder of the qualifiers, opting to compete in the Open Circuit instead. His Open Circuit team, We Know the Secret, consisted of himself, Septic, Anima and Havoc. Despite losing Havoc and replacing him with SHERZY2 part-way through the season, WKTS finished 1st in the Open Circuit standings and 2nd in the Open Circuit Finals, earning a chance at a Pro League spot at Relegation. At Relegation, WKTS defeated Dinosaurs in WB Round 1 but were defeated in an LB rematch, narrowly missing out on qualification.

Despite his team's failure to qualify, Vex found himself on a Fall 2016 Pro League team shortly after, joining Dinosaurs alongside BUK 20, BUK 57 and Flamez. On September 10, Dinosaurs joined the Prophecy organization.

Upon failing to qualify for the ESL EU Pro League, Prophecy released its roster. VexZeus went on to form Avada Kedavra alongside Doodle, Snipedrone and Quad. The roster was quickly acquired by Epsilon eSports.

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