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Renato "TheFoxz" de Souza Valsirolli was previously the AD carry for KaBuM! e-Sports.
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TheFoxz played for JAYOB e-Sports since October 2014, initially as a mid laner, then moved to AD carry when esA had to step down from the lineup due to his one-year ban. In December he was moved to a substitute position, being replaced by Theusma until February 2015 when Theusma left the team. JAYOB ended the 2015 CBLOL Summer Season in 8th (last) place, and later lost to INTZ Red in the Winter Promotion Series, being relegated. Despite that, TheFoxz made a good impression, scoring a pentakill in one of the games. He left JAYOB in the mid-season to join g3nerationX.

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KaBuM! e-Sports
Apr 2017
KaBuM! IDM Gaming
Jan 2017
Kaos Latin Gamers
Nov 2016
Kaos Latin Gamers
May 2016
paiN Gaming
May 2016
paiN Gaming
Dec 2015
Nov 2015
May 2015