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Stratten "Swaya" Williams is an Australian SMITE player. He is currently without a team.
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Swaya started playing video games when he was a child with the original Prince of Persia. From Nintendo 64 to the PC he was always gaming and spent 10 years playing WoW, leading a raiding guild before he quit.

He found SMITE through a friend and played on and off since Beta. But didn't really get into the game until Season 2 when he played in the first OCE Combine as a mid lane and joined a challenger cup team. Halfway through the year the team fell apart and he left for a round the world trip overseas. He played ranked most nights on a little laptop with hostel internet and was pushed into the support role every time. He started enjoying the role and with a new season starting he began learning everything he could about Smite whenever he had free time.

When he returned home he joined Avant Garde as the Support after they returned from Worlds. With under 150 games in the Support role he has a lot to learn and thrives under pressure. The team then parted ways with the organization and are now playing under Chinglish's Team Pandamonium.

In June 2016, he was removed from the team's main roster due to underperforming.

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