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Kunanon Eungprasert (คุณานนต์ อึ๊งประเสริฐ)
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Kunanon "SteinBeyond" Eungprasert (Thai: คุณานนต์ อึ๊งประเสริฐ) was previously the mid laner for Go To Sleep. He was previously known as Steinz and NletSz.
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2014 Season

Kunanon Steinz Eungprasert joined Holy Sheep as the starting mid laner to compete in the Winter season of the 2014 Thailand Pro League (TPL). The team was eliminated in Group Stage with a 2-2-6 record. After the tournament, Steinz and many other players from Holy Sheep joined Go To Sleep. The team competed in the 2014 TPL Spring and 2014 TPL Summer. In both tournaments, the team managed to reach the Bracket Stage, but was eliminated before the Final Bracket. Afterward, the team was sponsored by Meteorite E-sport and renamed to Meteorite.GTS to compete in the Thailand Grand Championship 2014, where it was eliminated in the second round by MiTH Flashdive. The team parted ways with Meteorite and renamed to Team Toxic.

2015 Season

Team Toxic competed in the 2015 TPL Spring, where it managed to finish in 2nd place behind Bangkok Titans and qualify for the Summer season of the 2015 Garena Premier League (GPL). During this period, Steinz briefly used the name NletSz, although he changed his name back before the end of the tournament. Meanwhile, the team renamed back to Go To Sleep. Although the team struggled in the 2015 GPL Summer, being eliminated in Group Stage, it performed well in the 2015 TPL Summer, finishing again in 2nd place.

2016 Season

Steinz remained on Go To Sleep for 2016. During the 2016 TPL Spring, the team continued its string of 2nd-place finishes, again losing to Bangkok Titans in the finals. Steinz changed his name to SteinBeyond for the 2016 TPL Summer. Although the team did well in the Round Robin stage, it lost in the Quarterfinals to Ultimate Senpai.

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