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Freddie "Soggy" Sibley-Calder is a British SMITE player. He is currently without a team. He was previously known a ASoggySandal.
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Soggy is from Kingston upon Hull, England.

Soggy started playing video games at a young age with the original GameBoy. Playing consoles like Dreamcast, PlayStation, and PlayStation 2, he ended up switching to PC gaming, playing games like Halo:CE and Unreal Tournament. He started playing SMITE during the closed beta phase, played a lot of ranked and reached Masters tier. He was then noticed by London Conspiracy and picked up in August 2015. In October, after 3 weeks of absence in the SPL due to internet issues at his school, it was announced he would move to substitute. He would follow his team as they left their sponsor and became Cringe Crew. After coaching them to a fourth place finish in the Spring Split, he decided to step down as coach and search for other opportunities.

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