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Stephen Ellis
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
September 1991
United KingdomJungler
Team Rank: TBAretiredretired
Stephen "Snoopeh" Ellis was previously the jungler for Evil Geniuses.
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He first ventured into the world of PC gaming with "Age of Empires" at the age of 6. He first began seeing competitive play as a possibility with the games Eve Online, playing it for 7 years, and Counterstrike 1.6. He was also playing a free-to-play game called “Battlefield Heroes”. He eventually found League of Legends, his strong support jungler earned him the reputation he needed to be picked up as the jungler for CLG EU. He remained with them when they were turned into Evil Geniuses and eventually transferred to North America, where he finished his playing career.

In April 2016, he co-founded the E-Sports Player Resource Center alongside Bryce Blum to provide professional support to pro gamers. The next month, he was hired by Facebook.

Player Team History
Evil Geniuses
Oct 2014
Evil Geniuses
Jan 2013
SK Gaming
Dec 2011
SK Gaming
JoinedSK Gaming
Aug 2011

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