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Gonzalo Andrés Manzano
March 1997
Team Rank: TBAactiveactive

Gonzalo "Romanilly" Andrés Manzano was previously the jungler for Guerreros del Mouse.
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Romanilly is from Cordoba, Argentina. He has been playing video games since a young age, including Counter Strike 1.6, CS:GO and Mu Online. He has played League of Legends since the season 3 and joined Team Virtus Legion as one of the first members. He later left Virtus Legion and joined Lol Cave as their Jungler after serving the 17. In October 2014, it was announced that Romanilly was going to be the jungler of Force Of Nature for the Latin American Cup qualifiers. After losing in the Round Robin, Romanilly joined Renegades of Hell and after losing with them he re-joined Force Of Nature.

Player Team History
Force of Nature
Sep 2015
Renegades of Hell
Mar 2015
Force of Nature
Jan 2015
Force of Nature
Oct 2014
Team LoL Cave
Jul 2014
Team LoL Cave
Apr 2014

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