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AD Carry
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Cheon Min-ki (천민기)
South Korea
South Korea
South KoreaAD Carry
Team Rank: TBAretiredretired

Cheon "Promise" Min-ki (Hangul: 천민기) was previously the AD carry for ahq e-Sports Club Korea. He was previously known as Fimir.
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Cheon "Promise" Min-ki joined ahq e-Sports Club Korea in February 2013, when the team was formed with himself, HooN, TrAce, ActScene, and Loray as its roster. They qualified for Champions Spring 2013 and were placed into Group B. Despite high expectations for the team, they placed fifth in their group, ahead of Incredible Miracle but out of playoff contention. In March 2014, Promise wrote a post on Inven accusing his former coach and teammate ActScene of engaging in match-fixing, claiming that their coach had told them they must lose to "big-company" teams in order to be permitted to play in OGN. He then attempted to commit suicide, and though he survived the attempt he ended up in the hospital. After conducting an investigation, KeSPA found that Promise was guilty of matchfixing, but no other of his teammates were, despite Promise's accusation of ActScene.

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