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Christopher Keokot
United States
United States
United States
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Christopher "Poli5208" Keokot is a substitute for Tempo Storm.
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Christopher "Poli5208" Keokot started playing competitive Vainglory in early 2016.


Poli joins Team Penetrate in early 2016. Before Summer 2016, Poli leaves Team Penetrate and joins Sweet N' Sour as a substitute. Ardent Esports acquires Sweet N' Sour on July 22, 2016 and Poli joins Ardent Aurora as the Roamer. Poli leaves Ardent Aurora towards the end of 2016.


Poli forms the team One Piece 101 along with selenagomez and MonkeyDLufffyy during the 2017 Winter offseason. One Piece 101 heads into VIS64 Challenger Split 1 of Spring season as the first seeded team.

Player Team History
Ardent Aurora
Dec 2017
Ardent Aurora
Jul 2016
Sweet N' Sour
Jul 2016

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