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Adrian Mandee
United States
United States
February 1993
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Adrian "PawnGypsy" Mandee was previously the top laner for 1 Trick Ponies.
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His gaming experience began when he received a Super Nintendo system as a gift. Adrian's friends forced him to play League of Legends after they bailed on Defense of the Ancients in order to play the new MOBA. Prior to playing League, he wanted to pursue a career as a professional DotA player. Adrian is currently studying at University of California, Irvine and plays on their IvyLoL team.

He decided to form a team with his friends Loopyness and ScubaChris when they felt they could find a higher level of entertainment and achieve more together as a team. They became a real team when they added RagingKenny and FlappyBearFish to the team. They were then picked up by Dirt Nap Gaming and started taking League of Legends seriously.

He played in the 2010 Newegg Winter Wanfest with a team named Just The Usual. JeeSports was their first tournament with the team name "PawnGypsy It's Friday." They then reverted to Just The Usual for DreamLab where the team placed 3rd. After some roster changes they won first place in about the 60th NESL tournament match where they got picked up by Dirt Nap Gaming. They then won first place at a LAN sponsored by TGF in Ventura, CA. To follow up, the former DirtNap roster went to GESL but disbanded afterward. In the summer of 2012, PawnGypsy came back from Taiwan and formed a new team that was short-lived after putting up less than satisfactory results. In December of 2012, 1 Trick Ponies was formed and is who PawnGypsy currently plays with.

Player Team History
1 Trick Ponies
Feb 2013
1 Trick Ponies
Dec 2012

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