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Andrew Erickson
United States
United States
Nk Inc
United StatesJungler
Team Rank: TBAretiredretired

Andrew "Nk Inc" Erickson was previously the jungler for compLexity.Red.
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Andrew is from Prior Lake, Minnesota. Andrew grew up as a Halo player, and from there he expanded to other console games. He and his friends always dreamed of becoming pro at Halo. He avidly played Halo up until Halo 3. He was then introduced to League of Legends by a friend.

Player Team History
Apr 2014
Feb 2014
Velocity eSports
Nov 2013
Dirt Nap Gaming
Mar 2013
Dirt Nap Gaming
Feb 2013
Meat Playground
Jan 2013
Meat Playground
Aug 2012

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