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Dillon Myslinski
United States
United States
August 1996
United StatesPlayer
Team Rank: TBAactiveactive
Dillon Nebula Myslinski is an American player for GosuCrew. He is known for his time on rosters such as Wise Gaming, Team Solstice, and Global Sanction.
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Game Date Event Place Prize Team Teammates (Coach) July 21, 2017 DreamHack Atlanta 2017 B313 - 16th $4,500  Wise Gaming Cloud • Demon D • TiZoXiC January 20, 2017 UGC St. Louis 2017 C525 - 32nd -  FlySociety Sneaky Bran • Crisis • RealisedG October 28, 2016 UGC St. Louis 2016 A77 - 8th $500  Team Solstice Stress • Kaiss • Sprawl September 3, 2016 2050 Chattanooga A77 - 8th -  Global Sanction Saiyan sK • Kyrie • Sprawl

FFA/1v1 Competition

Game End Date Event Place Prize October 28, 2015 UGC St. Louis 2016 A33rd -

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