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AD Carry
Team Rank
Woo-seong "Will" Kim (김우성)
South Korea
South Korea
South KoreaAD Carry
Team Rank: TBAretiredretired

Woo-seong "Meruem" "Will" Kim (Hangul: 김우성) was previously the AD carry for New World Eclipse. He was previously known as Cat8.
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Will "Meruem" Kim first joined Epik Gamer as the ADC and then moved to Support after a roster change failing to qualify for the 2013 Spring Split of the North American League Championship Series. In July 2013, he joined New World Eclipse under the name "Meruem" and competed in the MOBAFire Challenger Series. He also plays on UBC eSports.

Player Team History
New World Eclipse
Sep 2013
New World Eclipse
Jul 2013
EPIK Gamer
Jan 2013
EPIK Gamer
Dec 2012

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