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AD Carry
Team Rank
Esteban Matamoros
Costa Rica
Costa Rica
July 1995
Costa RicaAD Carry
Team Rank: TBAactiveactive

Esteban "MegaK" Matamoros was previously the AD carry for Rampage Zone. He was previously known as Esteban.
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Esteban "MegaK" Matamoros has been playing League of Legends since late Season 1, where he ranked Bronze. He started playing seriously at the beginning of Season 2. Around the end of 2011 he joined TicoGamers, which was touted as the best team in Costa Rica at that time. The team qualified for WCG Chile 2012 later on. MegaK was quoted as saying "eSports are mine" at the tournament. After the event, he became highly motivated and climbed into the Top 20 ladder on the NA server during Pre-Season 3. During this time, Dash9 Gaming was looking for an AD carry and recruited him. He was part of the team for almost 2 years until Dash9 released the entire roster on October 13th. On January 2015 he joined Infinity eSports CR.

Player Team History
DnH Advance
Mar 2016
DnH Advance
Mar 2015
Dash9 Gaming
Oct 2014
Dash9 Gaming
Dec 2012

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