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Ho Jin-sup (호진섭)
South Korea
South Korea
South KoreaSupport
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Ho "LinLan" Jin-sup (Hangul: 호진섭) was previously the support for Quvic E-Sports.
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2014 Season

Ho "LinLan" Jin-sup joined Bigfile Miracle in September of 2013 along with SuDai, Huhi, Core, and Beast. The roster managed to qualified for HOT6iX Champions Summer 2014 but failed to win a single game and were knocked out of the group stage. The team was released from Bigfile Miracle but they joined the Quvic E-Sports organization. However the roster didn't last long and they disbanded soon afterwards.

Player Team History
Quvic E-Sports
Sep 2014
Bigfile Miracle
Sep 2014
Bigfile Miracle
Feb 2014

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