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Kevin Nguyen
United States
United States
August 1991
United StatesMid
Team Rank: TBAretiredretired
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Kevin "lilkvn" Nguyen first MOBA was League of Legends. He began playing around the middle of Season 1 and finished in the top 100 in solo queue. He came in as Mid Laner for the team Choppa in Da Car, until chu8 joined and lilkvn was moved to top. Being unable to adjust to top, he decided to leave the team as he preferred his assassin play style in the middle lane. In Season 2 he was offered to join several teams, and was later the Mid Laner for the team Kevin is a Noob. Kevin is a Noob was the rank 1 team in the 5vs5 Ranked Ladder for Season 2, and 3 of the members would later form 1 Trick Ponies which participated in the Season 3 North American Offline Qualifier. Although he is capable of playing most assassin champions at a competitive level, he is known in particular for his  LeBlanc play, which he displayed in the Season 3 Offline Qualifier.

Player Team History
1 Trick Ponies
Jan 2013
1 Trick Ponies
Dec 2012

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