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James "Lattman" Lattman was previously a substitute for Team Dragon Knights.
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Lattman began playing games when he was 5 years old, the first game he played was Diablo II. He tried going pro back in Season 1 but he was too young to enter tournaments, so he took a break until Season 3. After a few months of solo queue Team Tempest asked if he could sub a game in the ALCS, and after playing that game they picked him up as their starting AD.

Lattman began playing League because, as a freshman, some seniors on his water polo team wanted him to play knowing that he used to play DotA, and he really enjoyed how fast paced the game was and how it rewarded mechanics. His first champion main was  Ashe. Before going competitive, he mainly played  Corki,  Vayne and  Caitlyn. He was notable for being one of, if not the, strongest  Corki players in solo queue, particularly late season 1 - early season 2. If he didn't play so much AD, he would have liked to have learned mid.

In early January 2015, Team Dignitas announced Lattman as their first substitute player for the 2015 NA LCS Spring Season. Later in the month, he joined BrawL.NA as their starting AD carry, along with teammates BrandonFtw, ShorterACE, Alex Ich, and LohPally. However, without Alex Ich playing for them yet, BrawL lost to Darkness in the first round of the NACS 2015 Spring Qualifier and were eliminated from the tournament.

In March 2015, LattmaN joined a reformed Frank Fang Gaming, with a roster including himself, goldenglue, BonQuish, Moon, and BrandownFtw. They placed second in the AlphaDraft Challenger League, behind Misfits and ahead of Cloud9 Tempest. However, in the NACS Summer Qualifier, Frank Fang Gaming lost to Cloud9 Tempest in the first round of their bracket and were eliminated. Three days after their defeat, the team disbanded. LattmaN played for Team Dragon Knights for the first 9 games (four and a half weeks) of the NA LCS Summer Split while their starting AD carry Emperor was unable to play due to visa issues.

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