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Jesper Rundberg
SwedenAD Carry
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Jesper "Kungen" Rundberg was previously a substitute AD carry for H2k-Gaming. He is from Gothenburg, Sweden.
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He was in the closed beta but then he just played for fun and didn't even think of playing seriously

Season 1

He played for myRevenge with Froggen, Vaali, MystresS, Sluskarn, Farfain and Ube. They were scheduled to play at gamescom but myRevenge wasn't allowed to change their lineup he so could not play. Then they changed sponsor to Infused gaming but after a very large DDos attack at IEM qualifiers the team decided to disband. After that he took a long break from League of legends.

Season 2

In season 2 he joined TCM Gaming (Team Coolermaster). With that team he scored 2-0 vs Moscow 5 and shortly after that he got a partnership with Own3d. But TCM disbanded because their AD Carry was hospitalized for unknown reasons. Meanwhile he took another break and changed his name to 7Seventy0.

He then went on to play for Stropsedews.

Player Team History
Aug 2016
Jan 2016
TCM Gaming
Jan 2013
TCM Gaming
May 2012
Team Infused
Sep 2011
Team Infused
Aug 2011

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