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King Nick

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Nicolas Panzella
United States
United States
March 1997
King Nick
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Nicolas "King Nick" Panzella is an American free agent known for his time on Astral Authority, Soul eSports Red, Torment, and Weedmaps Gaming.
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Nicolas Panzella was born on March 1st, 1997. He is from New Jersey. He started playing Halo: CE at only six years old, and the game remains his favorite edition of Halo to this day.

Halo 5

King Nick entered the competitive Halo scene in late 2015 as a member of OverDrive alongside Vetoed, Revalent and Kephrii. The team pulled off a shocking upset on 'Team Liquid in the first NA Halo World Championship 2016 qualifier, and King Nick's mysterious gamertag gained notoriety, with many questioning "Who is King Nick?". Eventually, King Nick found himself on Astral Authority alongside Gabriel, Mr Blakerz and Hoaxer, and the team qualified for the NA Regional Finals as the 13th seed. At Regionals, Astral finished top 16, failing to qualify for Worlds.

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