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Nick "KillerN" Urso is a retired player most well known for his time with teams such as Domination and FFA.
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Halo: CE

KillerN's first major Halo event on record is the iGames Nationals, where he placed 4th in the FFA. His first major 4v4 event was AGP 3, where he played alongside Pray4U, Boo and Wags as The Dream Team II, finishing top 8. He then attended MLG Philadelphia 2004 as a member of Amazing Pickles with Acer, Anti and Shizz and placed 2nd, falling to the Ogre twins and Shoot to Kill in the finals. He and Anti then teamed up with Boo for the 3v3 competition at MLG Dallas, again falling to StK in the finals. However, KillerN did manage to win the FFA competition at this event. KillerN and Anti then recruited star players Shizz and Zyos for AGP 4, but still were not able to win, this time falling to The Dream Team in the finals. KillerN finished 2nd in the FFA, losing to Walshy. This lead to KillerN and Zyos recruiting fellow individual stars Gintron and Walshy to form the all-star team known as Team FFA. The combination worked, and FFA defeated the mighty StK in the finals of both MLG Chicago and MLG Atlanta, winning KillerN his first 4v4 events. However, the team would be short-lived, as KillerN and Walshy would soon be recruited by Ogre1 and Ogre2 to form the mighty Team Domination squad. KillerN would go on to win the 4v4 at MLG Seattle with his new team, as well as the 2v2 with Ogre1.

Following MLG Seattle, KillerN and Domination attended AGP 5, where they lived up to their name and dominated the event, winning the 4v4, taking the top two placings in the 2v2 (with KillerN and Ogre1 finishing 2nd) and the top 4 placings in the FFA. They repeated the 4v4 victory at AGP 6, but this time KillerN and Ogre 1 were defeated by Scythe and Eleven-11 in the 2v2 finals. KillerN then left Domination for an event to form The Chargers with Saiyan, Toxin and Tupac for MLG Boston. They went on to win the event, and KillerN placed 2nd in the 2v2 with Tupac. KillerN then returned to Team Domination for the MLG New York National Championships, where they again finished 1st in the 4v4, closing out the Halo: CE era as the first ever MLG National Champions and leaving KillerN the most successful Halo: CE player in MLG.

Halo 2

KillerN kicked off his season at MLG San Francisco 2005 which was the 2nd event of the year. The Check Six line-up of Sergio, Toxin and Zyos placed 2nd. Tupac replaced Toxin for the next 2 events but KillerN unfortunately never found another tournament win. He joined long-time teammates Bonfire, Itwasluck and Samurai on XiT WounDz. His best placing was at MLG Chicago 2005, finishing 2nd. In 2006, KillerN stayed loyal to XiT Woundz and they finished 8th at the MLG Las Vegas 2006 National Championships. KillerN retired during the 2007 season but returned for one more event at MLG Meadowlands 2008 with the Florida Jackalopes, they placed 19th.

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