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Kenny "KeNNy" Nguyen was previously the top laner for Enemy.
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2014 Season

On November 3rd, 2014, KeNNy joined coL.Black along with Xmithie, Pr0lly, ROBERTxLEE, and Bubbadub, qualifying for the Spring Expansion Tournament via compLexity's promotion tournament participation. KeNNy and Xmithie had been playing together with several different rosters prior to compLexity picking up either player and they wanted to join compLexity together. After a bye in the first round, the team lost 0-2 to Final Five in the second round of the online part of the tournament and were eliminated.

On December 9th, compLexity announced that they would return to having only a single roster. From coL.White, Goldenglue, MabreyBABY, and Lohpally remained on the team as starters while Westrice became a sub; from coL.Black, KeNNy was a top lane substitute for the NACL New Year's Kick-off Tournament.

2015 Season

In January 2015, KeNNy joined CLG Black. After qualifying for the NACS Spring Season, they qualified for the NACS Spring Season but then placed 6th and last in the season, after losing a tiebreaker game to TSM Darkness. CLG Black retained their summer season qualifier seed from having participated in the spring season, receiving a first-round bye. However, after defeating Maelstrom, they lost to Cloud9 Tempest and then to Magnetic, missing out on the NACS summer season.

2016 Season

After an unsuccessful NACS Open Qualifier run with CLG Black, KeNNy left the team and joined Enemy, who already had a seed into the Spring Season. Enemy were the only team not to make a single roster substitution for the entirety of the NACS spring season, but they finished in last place, with a 0-2-3 win-tie-loss record. In April, Enemy sold their NACS Summer Qualifier seed to Cloud9 Challenger, and the team disbanded.

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