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James Villar
United States
United States
September 1989
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James Jamesbot Villar is a former professional player and an analyst for the Rocket League Championship Series. He is also a host of DFH Locker Room.
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Jamesbot found Rocket League during the Playstation Plus free to play period whilst at an annual Summber DBZ Party. Immediately upon playing the game, he went home and purchased it for his PC on Steam. Along with a couple of friends, Jamesbot decided to start competing in tournaments, the first of which being the PC Needs Love tournament hosted by CloudFuel. They ended up getting to the semi-finals where they lost to Cosmic Aftershock. After that first tournament, he was hooked into the competitive scene.

One day in matchmaking of Solo Standard, Jamesbot was paired up with Fl0w and Sir Pancake III. They did so well in that one game, that he asked if they wanted to party up to play. They continued to play together and started competing in ESL under the name Double Tap, which went on to be one of the most successful early non-SARPBC veteran teams.

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Double Tap
Mar 2016
Double Tap
Sep 2015

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