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I Am The IRS

AD Carry
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Shawn Currie
United States
United States
I Am The IRS
United StatesAD Carry
Team Rank: TBAactiveactive
Shawn "I Am The IRS" Currie was previously the AD carry for TSM Darkness.
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Shawn "I Am The IRS" Currie joined Fission Esports on October 2nd, as part of the initial roster for the team. With Fission, he qualified for the NA Spring Expansion Tournament via the ranked 5's ladder. In the first round of the online portion of the tournament, Fission lost 0-2 to Team LoLPro. Soon after, the team disbanded.

I Am The IRS later joined Team Confound along with teammates Azingy and Indivisible, in order to play in the NACS Spring Qualifier. Under the ranked ladder team 321321321, they reached the qualifier with the 5th-place seed; however, I Am The IRS was moved to a substitute position, while JJackstar played AD carry in the qualifier instead. The team lost to Cloud9 Tempest in the second round; however, after Cloud9 Tempest were found guilty of using a ringer in their matches, Team Confound were given the spot in the NACS Spring Season. After this ruling was announced, the team was acquired by Team SoloMid to form TSM Darkness.

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TSM Darkness
Apr 2015
TSM Darkness
Feb 2015
Fission Esports
Dec 2014
Fission Esports
Oct 2014

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