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Jonnie Hansson
June 1989
Team Rank: TBAretiredretired
Jonnie "Ginsu" Hansson was previously the jungler for SK Gaming Prime.
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Season 3

Ginsu's League of Legends career started about at the beginning of Season 3, where he decided to try to pursue a career within the game. He played with a multitude of teams, and at first he tried making a full Swedish team, which did not work out.

He tried all roles, but in the end, he decided that jungle suited him the most. On December 2013, he joined Team Kappa Prime, who would compete for a spot in the 2014 EU Challenger Series/Spring/Series 1. After qualifying, on January 17, 2014, his team was acquired by SK Gaming Prime. However, his time on the team did not last long, as on February 1, 2014, he decided to leave the team due to personal reasons.

Player Team History
SK Gaming Prime
Feb 2014
SK Gaming Prime
Jan 2014

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