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Zhivko "EupHo" Dimitrov is a Call of Duty player from Bulgaria who is currently the coach for Team Heretics.
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Zhivko 'EupHo' Dimitrov first started playing Call of Duty during Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. His professional CoD career began at 2012.


His first real chance to shine came with the first Modern Warfare 3 competitive LAN tournament in Spain, the LVPes Final Cup 2, that took place on 3rd-4th March 2012 at Madrid After placing 5-8, no one expected the performance from EupHo at this event, so after playing against Pain Gaming (sTaXx, GoobZ, MethodZ, Alonso) and beeing defeated 2-3, he got recognition from all the spanish community and started to team up with the best spanish players of the year.

Going into the next event the team showed signs of improvement finishing 1st at LVPes Final Cup 3 alongside MethodZ, Stylexx and Yazzy.

Achieving Greatness

Actually, EupHo is placed as the 5th most achieved player in Spain behind Tojor, Methodz, Lgend and Sammy. With the release of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and the arrival of the new spanish org 'Spirit Gaming', he teamed with Sammy, Peluka and Flexz and despite the defeat against G2 eSports to be the Spanish Runner up at CoD Champs 2015, the team continued and was at the GG Cup #1 organized by Socialnat where Spirit starred an amazing comeback against G2, provoking the split of the G2 roster and the acquisition of Tojor for Flexz at the Spirit Gaming roster

Ups & downs and the VISA drama

Eupho was competing for Team MRN at the 2017 year, attending every CWL event to achieve the maximum amount of CWL Points, unfortunately he had a VISA problem with his bulgarian nationality. With the restrictions of the Spanish League and this happening in the middle of the season, EupHo had to retire temporaly and he is actually coaching Team Heretics, a young CoD roster that achieved a lot in the past months

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