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Daniel "Doodle" Petersen is a Danish player for Pace Making Pandas. He is well known for his time with Team Infused, FAB Games eSports, and Epsilon eSports.
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Halo 5: Guardians

Doodle broke out into the European Halo scene in late 2015, when he joined Viperio eSports alongside WarLord, Outkast and LooneyDogzz for Multiplay Insomnia 56. They finished 4th. The following month, Doodle found himself on FAB Games eSports alongside Kimbo, MonKey and Speed in a bid to qualify for the Halo World Championship EMEA Regional Finals. They succeeded in their second attempt, winning an online European qualifier. At Regionals, they defeat Millenium and upset the heavily favoured UK squad Team Dignitas in pool play, earning a spot in the championship bracket and putting themselves one win away from a ticket to Halo World Championship 2016. Their first round opponents were PuLse Gaming. In a tight 3-2 series, FAB came out victorious, qualifying for Worlds. They were defeated in the following round by exceL eSports and finished top 4. At Worlds, FAB finished last in their pool, taking a top 16 finish overall.

After Worlds, Doodle formed team Deception alongside Batchford, Phlux and WarLord in a bid to qualify for the Summer Pro League. They qualified in the Last Chance Qualifier, finishing in the top 2. After qualifying, Deception were signed by Team Infused. Over the course of the season, Infused experienced internal struggles, but ended up sticking together and finishing 2nd in the standings. At the Season Finals, Infused finished 4th out of the four invited teams.

Going into the Fall Season, Doodle found himself unable to join a Pro League squad, so he and WarLord formed The Unwanted alongside fellow Pro League outcasts Riotz and Speed. After an impressive two weeks in the Open Circuit, Doodle found his way back onto Team Infused, this time alongside Batchford, Phlux and Kimbo. This lineup was notably the first to take a series off of FAB Games eSports in the Pro League. Infused ultimately ended up finishing 7-3, good enough for 3rd place in the standings. At the Season Finals, Infused defeated Team Vibe and PuLse Gaming handily, but were unable to take a single game off of FAB in the LAN setting, settling for 2nd place.

During the offseason, Doodle was dropped from Infused. He went on to form Avada Kedavra alongside Snipedrone, VexZeus and Quad. The roster was quickly acquired by Epsilon eSports.

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