• DevilFenix


Team Rank
Mauricio Madrigal
Costa Rica
Costa Rica
November 1992
Costa RicaJungler
Team Rank: TBAactiveactive
Mauricio "DevilFenix" Madrigal was previously a substitute jungler for BrawL eSports.
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Mauricio Madrigal started playing League of Legends in August 2010 and loved the game at first sight. He reached Gold I in Season 1 on the NA Server, then Platinum in Season 2, and finally Diamond I on NA and Challenger on LAN in Season 3.

In 2012 he traveled with TicoGamers to Chile to play in the WCG Pan-American Championship 2012. The next year, he went to Mexico with them to play in the Latin American North Qualifiers, where they made it to the semifinals.

Player Team History
BrawL eSports
Apr 2015
BrawL eSports
Aug 2014

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