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Jonathan Stapleton
United States
United States
June 1989
United StatesJungler
Team Rank: TBAretiredretired
Jonathan "Desyah" Stapleton was previously the jungler for Tesla Gaming.
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Jonathan "Desyah" Stapleton was born in Los Angeles, California and currently lives in Costa Rica. He studied Business Administration and Sculpture in North Carolina before leaving school to pursue competitive play. He has been playing video games since his childhood. After playing Starcraft II and Heroes of Newerth, he started playing League of Legends in Season 1.

League of Legends Career

Though Desyah did not initially like the look of League of Legends and did not see any potential for the game, after seeing the Season 1 World Finals, he was inspired by Riot's dedication to the competitive scene and decided to start playing competitively. In 2011, he joined the Costa Rican team TicoGamers and played jungle for them; he was promoted to captain of the League of Legends team after joining. TicoGamers placed fourth in the Season 3 Latin America Regional Championship Northern Qualifier but left the team later in 2013.

After playing with TicoGamers, Desyah took some time off from the competitive scene to work and save money. He returned to the competitive scene in February 2014 and created Tesla Gaming with AxKhan, Sogo, Koukin, and Perseo.

Player Team History
Tesla Gaming
May 2015
Tesla Gaming
Feb 2014

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