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Christoph "CrS" Köper is a player for Crown & Jewels.
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The founder and CEO of Crown & Jewels. Christoph 'CrS' Köper has a long history in esports, when he joined the Rocket League Community. After his active CS career, he joins his new role as a manager. Over the last 20 years, CrS gained experience in multiple organisations: DkH, SK-Gaming, a-laget, ri$k, reUnited, team9, dopefish. CrS once got back on the active player field in S4League, where he was known for his crazy revolver skills. ( Top10EU)

RocketLeague: With the release of RocketLeague, Chris got in contact with the team Paschy90, Stocki, Deboer. Paschy90 and CrS had the same goals: being the best team in RL and finally beat FLIPSIDE TACTICS...


biggest Archivements as RL Team-Manager:

1st RLC Pro League with Crown & Jewels 2nd RLCS Season #2 Amsterdam with Mockit-Aces 4th RLCS Season #3 Leagueplay with Mockit ( left after leagueplay)

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