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Jakub Grzegorzewski
March 1994
PolandAD Carry
Team Rank: TBAactiveactive
Jakub "Creaton" Grzegorzewski was previously the AD carry for Illuminar Honor Gaming.
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Considered one of the top Polish LoL players in the competitive scene, Jakub "Creaton" Grzegorzewski was a professional DOTA player before his career in League of Legends. He played the game for 4 years, having runs on 2 different teams during this time. He started playing League of Legends casually, under the alias 'DOTA PRO', and his knowledge of the MOBA genre soon fueled his ascent of the solo queue ladder.

Season 1

His performances in solo queue resulted in being invited to play for Time-Out. His time on the team was limited but he would later return to the organization, and the move would prove to be the main catalyst in his successful career. After his initial stint at Time-Out, Creaton joined MaxFloPlay.

Season 2

His short spell at MaxFloPlay was followed by a shorter spell at HCL Gaming, where he won multiple ESL GoPL4LoL monthly cups.

The team began to improve, and the roster decided to leave the organization and play for exHCL Gaming. His time here was the highlight of his career at this point, as they won another ESL GoPL4LoL cup. Creaton and the team also won a Play4Fame weekly cup, granting them a place in the monthly finals. The monthly finals were a success, with the team reaching the semifinals, only to lose to CLG.eu. They faced Na'Vi in the 3rd place match, winning the game.

Creaton only spent a few weeks at exHCL before re-joining Time-Out. After another few weeks playing there, the roster, which also included Overpow and Xaxus, was picked up by Team Acer Poland. It was around this time that Creaton adopted his new alias of 'LOL PRO'.

Here, he got the chance to play in major tournaments - the first of which was ECC Poland. Unfortunately, Creaton and the team did not make it out of the group stages, finishing behind his future team Team Curse Europe along with SK Gaming who had kev1n, Creaton's future teammate, on the roster.

After this came the Season 2 Regional Finals. The tournament was not a success for Creaton and Team Acer, losing to SK Gaming yet again, this time in the quarterfinals.

Pre-Season 3

After the disappointment of the regional finals, he went on to join Curse Gaming Europe. This is when he decided to change his name to Creaton, the alias that he has since become most famous with.

Creaton only spent 3 months with the team, yet managed to win a few smaller tournaments with Curse, including the EmpireTV Challenge. Overall results in bigger tournaments were not ideal, but Creaton and the team's performances were relatively good, considering the high standard of the competition.

Curse EU were eliminated from DreamHack Winter 2012 a the group stage, but raised their game for IPL 5. Here, the team beat Reginald's strong Team SoloMid in the group stages, but were beaten by the main Curse Gaming team in round 2 of the knockout phase.

Creaton left Curse EU soon after to join Millenium, who also picked up Tabzz at the same time. Despite only forming 5 days earlier, Millenium went on to win 4Players.de All or Nothing 9 after beating MeetYourMakers in the final of the tournament.

Season 3

Millenium's triumphs at this time came mainly at IEM tournaments. The first of which was IEM Sao Paulo where Creaton and his team were knocked out in the semifinals, but secured their place at the IEM World Championship in the process.

The IEM World Championship was a relative success as Millenium made it out of the group stage, with unbeaten Gambit Gaming finishing at the top of the group. Millenium were beaten by a strong CJ Entus Frost team featuring MadLife in the quarterfinals, but Creaton and his team played well and proved themselves amongst some of the world's most elite players.

Just a month later, the roster of Millenium disbanded and Creaton moved on to join Team Alternate, where he met Jree. His first tournament with Alternate was the Summer Promotion, where the team qualified for the Summer Split by beating GIANTS! Gaming in their promotion match.

The Summer Split was extremely tight, though Creaton and Team Alternate had a truly fantastic start, with Creaton being the clear MVP of the 1st week. The team won all of their 5 games that week and saw Creaton pick up an incredible 46 kills while only suffering 3 deaths.

Creaton was not available to play in weeks 5-7 and was temporarily replaced by WhiteKnight108. This caused a drop in the levels of Alternate's performances, yet the team managed to hold on to the 1st place spot until the 7th week, when they were overtaken by Lemondogs.

At the end of the penultimate week, the team were in 2nd place, which seemed safe at the time. Alternate suffered a loss in each of their 5 games that they played in a disastrous super week at the end of the split. This resulted in Creaton and Alternate dropping to joint 6th place with SK Gaming. They had to play a tie breaker against SK, which they went on to win. This secured Team Alternate a spot at the Summer Playoffs and condemned future teammate, kev1n, and SK Gaming to the 2014 Spring Promotion.

The playoffs were greatly unsuccessful, seeing Alternate place 5th after losing to Evil Geniuses in the quaterfinals.

2014 Season

At the start of the season, kev1n joined the team, and soon after, the majority of Alternate's roster left to join Millenium.

Millenium's first big triumph with the new roster came early on, at IEM Sao Paulo, with Creaton and the team winning the tournament and not losing a single game in the process.

Using the spot that the team had secured whilst playing for Team Alternate, Millenium partictpated in the Spring Split. The roster had a particularly hard time - Creaton and Millenium finished last overall. This would mean that Millenium would have to play in the Summer Promotion. Millenium beat Ninjas in Pyjamas 3-2 and secured themselves a spot in the Summer Split.

The Summer Split had started well for Creaton and the team, with Millenium ending up in 2nd place after the 1st week, just behind leaders and eventual winners Alliance. Back in relatively good form, Creaton showed his proficiency with a number of champions, especially  Corki. Millenium had showed a big improvement from the spring, finishing in 5th place. Their performance meant that they had secured a spot for the Summer Playoffs. The playoffs were a huge disappointment for Creaton, with Millenium ending up in 6th place and not winning a single game.

2015 Season

Millenium's playoff struggles had meant that they would have to fight to remain in the LCS by playing in the Spring Promotion. A very close series with Unicorns of Love ultimately saw Creaton and his team lose 2-3.

Creaton participated with Millenium in the Expansion Tournament. The team received a bye for Round 1, but were eliminated from the tournament in Round 2 after being beaten by GIANTS! Gaming.

Creaton subbed for Dolphins of Wall Street at IEM Cologne after the team were invited due to Moscow Five not being able to attend. Creaton and the team were knocked out in the quarterfinals, losing to Team ROCCAT.

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