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Aaron Vetelino
United States
United States
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Aaron "CMPLX" Vetelino is a competitive Call of Duty player who is currently a Free Agent.
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CMPLX started playing video games when he was only 5 years old, and credits his older brother for starting him out so early. CMPLX first started playing competitive Call of Duty on Gamebattles during Call of Duty 4. He originally only played doubles ladder but later transitioned after a few seasons to 4v4. CMPLX first received pro status during Black Ops 2 at MLG Spring Championship 2013 when Team Curse finished 4th.

Player Team History
Denial Esports
Nov 2015
Denial Esports
FormerTeam FeaR
Nov 2015
Team FeaR
JoinedTeam FeaR
FormerCurse NA
Dec 2013
Curse NA
Nov 2013
Curse NA
JoinedCurse NA

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