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AD Carry
Team Rank
Samuel Chu
United States
United States
September 1991
United StatesAD Carry
Team Rank: TBAretiredretired
Samuel "Chuuper" Chu was the AD carry player for compLexity. He is currently teamless.
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Chuuper started out primarily playing solo queue during the first season of League of Legends. This lasted until the summer of 2012 when he formed a team known as "Chuuper's Troopers". After a defeat from Team Dynamic, Cpt America left Chuuper's Troopers and Ellie Beee left to join Dirt Nap Gaming. As a result, the team disbanded. Due to the friendship between Ellie Beee and Chuuper, he joined The Brunch Club after being approached by Lautemortis. While studying at Baruch college, he is working on becoming a future journalist.

Player Team History
compLexity Gaming
Jan 2014
The Brunch Club
Feb 2013
The Brunch Club
Dec 2012

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