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AD Carry
Team Rank
Andrea Bonifazio
October 1991
ItalyAD Carry
Team Rank: TBAactiveactive
Andrea "Bonny" Bonifazio is the AD carry for inFerno eSports.
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Bonny started playing games at an age of 15. He is currently studying his thirth year in Languages Mediation. If League of Legends career is not going well, he wants to be working interpreter or as a dubbing speaker. Outside League of Legends Bonny likes to read and used to play waterpolo. He is also a huge football fan. The story behind his name is basically the abbreviation of his surname. When he started playing League of Legends he mained  Nidalee and  Malzahar.

League of Legends Career

The first competitive team he made up back in the days was RedByte, met some other players in the national community with which he found himself really good, then he took a little break and the team broke up. Right now, with the current team they used to play in two different teams and merged together.

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