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Jeffrey "BigBrother" Huang (Hanzi: 黃立成) was previously a substitute top laner for Machi E-Sports. He is also the team's owner.
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BigBrother is a famous singer in Taiwan which own a Hip Hop Group called Machi. He fall in love with e-Sports after Taipei Assassins win the Season 2 World Championship and dream to have a eSports team. In January 2014, his dream come true. He forms the team Machi E-Sports and becomes the sub. He sometimes play in LNL and GPL. It let him become the oldest player in competitive League of Legends Tournament (age 41). His goal is to lead Machi E-Sports to become one of the best team in the world.

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Machi E-Sports
Jun 2014
Machi E-Sports
Jun 2014