• Beautiful Korean

Beautiful Korean

Team Rank
Justin Song
United States
United States
October 1997
Beautiful Korean
United StatesJungler
Team Rank: TBAactiveactive
Justin "Beautiful Korean" Song was previously the jungler for Serpentis eSports.
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2015 Season

Beautiful Korean qualified for the NACS Summer Qualifier via the Ranked 5s ladder under the name VwS Gaming. Prior to the qualifier, they were acquired by Aware Gaming; however, they were eliminated in the first round of their bracket upon losing to Maelstrom. In July, after Aware disbanded, he joined affNity when the team reformed. In October Serpentis eSports acquired the roster of affNity. Serpentis played in the HTC Ascension tournament in November, winning their group and then placing fourth overall.

Player Team History
Oct 2015
Jul 2015
Aware Gaming
May 2015

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