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Bo "Badgah" Katzenmaier is a Norwegian SMITE player. He is currently without a team.
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Born and raised in Oslo, Norway, Badgah has been playing computer games since the age of 5. He has played RuneScape, League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, DotA, Warcraft 3, and Starcraft II among others. He currently lives in Gran, Norway.

In early SMITE beta, Badgah joined BLG EU, the first competitive European SMITE team made. He has been on numerous different teams since then, including notables like Bipolar Method, Copenhagen Wolves, Mortality eSports and more. In February 2014 Badgah's team, TeamQ, got acquired by SK Gaming. After placing 4th in the SMITE World Championship under SK, him and the team decided to make the switch to Fnatic.

After a long stint in Fnatic, he left the team in January 2016 after the conclusion of Season 2, citing internal conflict. He created Team Leftovers with other players who had left or had been kicked from their teams, as well as rookies. However, at the end of the Spring Split, he decided to leave. Since his departure from Team Leftovers, he has not rejoined any other team, but appears to have started playing competitive Overwatch.

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