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Alexis "Al3X" Hernandez is the laner for Necrolyte.
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Al3X joined Team TAS in August 2015. Due to the fact that the starting lineup of TAS Frame Perfect could not attend the NA Autumn Live Championship, Al3X subbed in as starting laner in place of 12tacos12.

At the NA Autumn Live Championship, TAS Frame Perfect placed 7-8th.


Following the NA Autumn Live Championship 2015, Al3X continued to compete with TAS Frame Perfect as starting laner during NA Winter Qualifier 1 until the team disbanded following a loss in the round of 32. Al3X joined Rage Pingers going into NA Winter Qualifier 2 along with former guild mate, 12tacos12. Rage Pingers knocked out the #1 seed of their bracket, GankStars Vega, placing them in top8 and qualifying them for the live championship.

At the NA Winter Live Championship, Rage Pingers placed 7-8th.

In April 2016, Al3X competed with Rage Pingers in NA Spring Qualifier 1. Following their loss in the round of 16, Rage Pingers disbanded. Al3X did not compete in the remainder of the spring season.

After Necrolyte claimed GankStars Sirius' spot in the Evil Eight, Al3X replaced LightningT as starting laner of Necrolyte for NA Summer Evil Eight Split 2. Necrolyte placed 8th in Evil Eight Split 2 and faced Nemesis Titan in the challenge battles. Necrolyte went 1-3 in a best of 5 series against Nemesis Titan, disqualifying them from competing in the NA Summer Live Championship.

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