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Guido "Aileri" Patricio Nápoli was previously the top laner for Hyperion E-Sports.
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Aileri, who was named Conrrosive before becoming an Irelia main, started playing at Season 1, getting to play some ranked games but only getting to in NA. Later in Season 2, he got to Gold using a combination between Akali and Kennen MID, and Vayne ADC. Firstly maining ADC he got to Diamond III in Season 3 before officially maining TOP Lane, and finally got to Challenger in Season 4. He is a PC Gamer, playing a wide variety of MMORPG, FPS and MMORTS games, his first MMORPG game was the Acclaim game called BOTS! where he started learning what was like to PVP others across the world, although his first competetitive game is League of Legends. Aileri's first tournament was a LAN one in Buenos Aires, Argentina, hosted by a college institution named DaVinci. Before getting a stable team roster, he went through many teams, testing what was it like to be in a premade challenger team, finally finding kind people, willing to go beyond regional limits.

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