GosuLeague Season 4

10/02/12 - 10/28/12
GosuLeague Season 4
10/02/12  -  10/28/12
Contains community created content


2 points for a 2 - 0, 1 point for 1 - 1 and 0 points for 0 - 2.
Individual game result applies between the two tied teams (two way-tie).
If that individual game result is a draw, the teams will play a tiebreaker (bo3).
In case of a thee way-tie (if it’s a circle of wins between three or more teams), tiebreakers will apply in a bo1 manner.

Promotions and elimination

The winning teams of Division 2 and Division 3 will move up one division next season. The bottom two teams of each division will be knocked down to a lower division next season.

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