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Nitiphat "KyT" Chutonganan is a professional Dota 2 player currently playing for iDeal eSports.
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The Summit 5 - SEA QualifiersShow ResultCorgi in a TeamCorgi in a TeamvsiDeal eSportsiDeal eSports
2016 MAY
The Summit 5 - SEA QualifiersShow ResultiDeal eSportsiDeal eSportsvsBlameTVBlameTV
2016 MAY
BTS Southeast Asia #3Show ResultTaringTaringvsiDeal eSportsiDeal eSports
2016 FEB
BTS Southeast Asia #2Show ResultTeam SatuDuaTigaTeam SatuDuaTigavsiDeal eSportsiDeal eSports
2015 DEC
BTS Southeast Asia #1Show ResultiDeal eSportsiDeal eSportsvsFirst DepartureFirst Departure
2015 SEP