Western Europe 2022 DPC Spring Tour Regional League: Schedule, standings, and results

How will the top of the region shake up this time?

Photo via Valve

Western Europe is widely considered the deepest and most dangerous region in all of Dota 2, right up there alongside China, and that continues to hold true with the Spring Tour of the 2022 Dota Pro Circuit now underway. 

Unlike with previous years, there isn’t one team that stands leagues above the others. Team Liquid, Team Secret, OG, Tundra Esports, Nigma Galaxy, and Gladiators all have some combination of top players, experience, and strategy that could help them take a top spot in the region. 

Prize pool and format

Following the swap to a Regional Final format for the Winter Tour, Valve has reverted back to its initial DPC format for the Spring Tour. This means teams in Division I will be competing for their share of $205,000, 920 Pro Circuit points, and a spot at the Stockholm Major. 

WEU matches across both Division I and Division II will run from March 14 to April 21 in a standard round-robin. It is also one of two regions, along with China, that gets four spots at the Stockholm Major, which means a majority of the region’s best teams will be represented from May 12 to 22 barring any unexpected delays. 

At the end of the Spring Tour, the bottom two teams from Division I will drop into Division II, with the top two rosters from Division II moving up to replace them for the third and final Tour of the 2022 DPC season. Additionally, the bottom two teams from Division II will be relegated out of the regional league to let two new teams from an open qualifier compete, though this number can fluctuate between Tours as rosters change. 

Teams to watch out for

Gladiators shocked the world at the WEU Winter Tour Regional Finals, beating tournament favorites Liquid and both Tundra and OG to win it all. They likely won’t be the favorite to take the top spot at the Spring Tour, but their competent lineup is always a threat to get results. 

Liquid dominated the previous regional league and will likely carry some momentum into the Spring Tour, hoping to perform better at the Stockholm Major and secure a spot at The International 11. Likewise, OG’s newer roster have some experience under their belt. and they’re gearing up to try to place higher this Tour. 

Tundra made a big change to its core, signing Saksa in hopes it would lead to better performance moving forward. And both Secret and NGX are looking to bounce back and reclaim a top spot in the region after falling out of contention for a spot at the Regional Finals last Tour. 

Here are all of the standings, scores, and results for the Western Europe 2022 DPC Spring Tour Regional League. You can view a full schedule here.


Division I

RankTeam nameSeriesGamesDPC PointsSeedPrize
1Gladiators5-110-5400Stockholm Major Invite$30,000
2OG5-111-2240Stockholm Major Invite$28,000
3Team Liquid4-28-6160Stockholm Major Invite$27,000
4Team Secret3-48-1080Stockholm Major Invite$26,000
5Tundra Esports3-38-740$25,000
7Entity2-48-8N/ADemoted to Division II$23,000
8Nigma Galaxy 1-61-6N/ADemoted to Division II$22,000

Division II

RankTeam nameSeriesGamesDPC PointsSeedPrize
1goonsquad6-012-0N/APromoted to Division I$17,000
2Alliance6-112-3N/APromoted to Division I$16,000
4Chicken Fighters4-39-8N/A$11,000
5Into The Breach2-44-8N/A$9,000
6Team Bald Reborn2-46-9N/A$7,000 
8Winter Bear0-61-12N/ARelegatedN/A