Valve extends Dota 2 TI10 Battle Pass Level Bundle until July 2

You have a bit longer to pick up your bundles.

Image via Valve

Valve is adding another extension to Battle Pass content, this time giving players an extra three days to purchase the International 2020 Battle Pass Level Bundle.

Instead of taking it out of the store today, Valve instead said that it would be listening to player requests and extending the Battle Level Bundle sales until July 2. 

The limited-time bundle has allowed players to purchase 120 Battle Pass levels and includes nine Immortal Treasure I, six Immortal Treasure II, and three Immortal Treasure III for $29.99. And while only the Immortal Treasure I collection is out right now, the other treasures will become available once the corresponding items go live. 

Overall, this bundle offers 75 percent savings on the combined value of levels and treasures you’ll get. But because it is such a good deal, each player is limited to only purchasing two bundles during this first period of sales. 

Other Level Bundles will be added later, but the first one has already seen a massive spike in sales, which helped push the TI10 prize pool past $20 million at a record pace. Since the bundle launched on June 24, the prize pool has increased by more than $7 million and an extension will only see that number grow. 

Just purchasing two bundles will automatically put base Battle Pass owners at Level 241, just 14 levels away from earning the Toy Butcher Pudge Persona at level 255. So if you want some easy levels and missed out on the news, grab your Battle Level Bundles before they are removed on July 2.