Quincy Crew take ESL One Thailand with 3-0 sweep over Thunder Predator

Quincy Crew remain on top in American Dota play.

Photo by Adela Sznajder via DreamHack

Although South American Dota 2 teams have dominated most of ESL One Thailand 2020: Americas, Quincy Crew made a perfect run through the lower bracket to take home first place for NA. 

After losing to 4 Zoomers in the first round of the upper bracket, QC tore through Infamous and a second meeting with Gunnar’s stack, eventually sweeping Thunder Predator in the grand finals 3-0.

In each of the three games, TP kept pace with the NA stack at the start, but the YawaR, CCnC, and the rest of QC just proved to be too much for Romel “Wu” Quinteros and his team. In total, the frontliners for QC went 56/14/85 as they claimed yet another online title. 

Throughout the entire event, QC dropped only two series, both going to 4Z. They dominated the group stage, taking the first seed in the playoffs at 12-6 but ended up losing that second matchup with 4Z in the first round. 

A perfect 7-0 run through the lower bracket capped a rather clean performance from SVG’s squad, especially when they had to utilize both pieliedie and Peksu as stand-ins at various points. 

This is the fifth straight top finish for QC since being released by Chaos Esports Club in March. Without Evil Geniuses to challenge them, it looks like 4Z is the only team that has even been able to challenge them in recent months. 

Lelis is also up for his second straight Mercedes Benz MVP award after playing well throughout the event. He lost the ESL One Birmingham trophy to PSG.LGD’s Somnus.

In a similar fashion, QC are currently 8-1 competing in the Omega League: Americas Divine Division and will play beastcoast in the first round of the playoffs. That match kicks off at 4pm CT on Aug. 31.