Quincy Crew sweep CR4ZY, win ESL One Birmingham Online NA

Lelis earned the title of NA Mercedes Benz MVP.


After dropping just a single series throughout the ESL One Birmingham Online, Quincy Crew have been crowned as the Dota 2 tournament’s North American champions. 

Against a powerful CR4ZY roster that beat them during the group stage and looked unbeatable, QC completed the back-to-back sweep, defeating them 3-0 in the grand finals after knocking them into the lower bracket earlier in the week. 

This marks a turning point for QC. The team overcame the other top teams in NA and South America, stepping out of the shadow of teams like Evil Geniuses and beastcoast. And not only did they perform at a high level throughout the event, but they did so while implementing Lelis as a stand-in. 

Lelis, who has spent the last two months standing in for various teams like beastcoast and EG, was a key factor in QC’s title run, playing a strong position three in place of the Biver, who is taking a break from competitive Dota 2

CR4ZY didn’t go down without a fight, but QC was in control of the series nearly the entire time, never needing to sweat about making risky plays. Game one was particularly ugly for CR4ZY as Yawar and Lelis tore them apart with a Spectre and Death Prophet combo. 

There was a brief moment in game three where it looked like Aui and his team might be able to pull out a win and keep the series alive, but QC took a big teamfight while the two sides were playing on even ground and swung the game. 

GGs were called 10 minutes later after CR4ZY decided they couldn’t hold out, giving QC the win and the tournament title. This is the team’s first tournament win since reforming to compete this season. Lelis was voted the NA Mercedes Benz MVP following his stellar showing, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him join QC on a more permanent basis in the coming weeks.