OG’s emphatic victory over Nigma books grand final slot at Omega League

OG were on fire.


OG swept Nigma in the lower bracket finals of the Omega League: Europe/CIS Immortal Division. OG ultimately prevailed after an even, high-octane game one despite a Miracle- rampage, further proving their mettle with a ruthless second game led by Topson’s dynamic Tiny.

Prior to this Dota 2 series, Nigma have won only one out of the seven series they have played since the finals of The International 2019. Both teams have already met previously in this tournament in the first round of the upper bracket, with OG emphatically coming out on top 2-0.

The first game was a chaotic back-and-forth between the two teams. While both teams elected to have a massive carry, with MidOne on Sven and Miracle- on Terrorblade, even they were involved in brawling early on. 

Both teams continuously traded their lives and the gold lead. After a Miracle- rampage, it looked like Nigma had secured a decisive advantage with a Terrorblade that was too big to fail.

Even that did not dampen OG’s spirits. The two-time TI champions continuously probed for a chance to break open the game despite being on the backfoot. The relentlessly aggressive Topson was the one who caught a stranded GH Phoenix with a well-placed Shackleshot. 

OG then swiftly collapsed upon the under-prepared Nigma who capitulated even after multiple buybacks. OG seized their chance to end, completing a rapid turnaround to secure game one.

Having shaken off the rust, OG continued to storm through Nigma’s defenses in game two. A series of lane swaps dominated the early proceedings, and OG’s decision to keep Ceb’s Elder Titan as a pseudo-support in a trilane proved to be key. Nigma’s cores fell behind early on and could not find a way to recover. Topson’s relatively quiet Windranger game was quickly forgotten as he repeatedly steamrolled the hapless MinD_ContRoL with Tiny, before going on to terrorize all of Nigma.

OG’s cocky dives allowed Nigma to gain some recovery kills, but the winner’s mentality set in quickly after. Nigma’s small glimmer of hope was shut down as OG took care of business, sweeping Nigma and booking a date with Dota 2’s endgame boss, Team Secret.

Nigma’s run ends in third place, pocketing $60,000 in prize money. OG go on to meet Secret in the grand finals of the OMEGA League hoping to finally end Secret’s six-tournament winning streak in what is becoming an increasingly heated rivalry.