OG, Liquid DPC series postponed due to Dota 2 neutral camp bug

Good sportsmanship between teams and former players led to the delay.

Photo by Adela Sznajder via DreamHack

Team Liquid and OG were set to clash as the final series of week one during Western Europe’s Division I regional league for the 2022 Dota Pro Circuit. However, the best-of-three was postponed today due to an in-game bug being discovered prior to the first game starting. 

OG’s players discovered this bug during scrimmage games before the series with Liquid, noticing they could know when the enemy team was farming neutral camps on the map. 

After noticing this, OG kept an eye on the issue and encountered it in consecutive scrims, leading the team to conclude it was a serious issue with the game. As a result, Taiga reached out to his former organization and informed them of the bug, with Liquid also able to see it when watching the replays for those scrims. 

Liquid and OG reached out to ESL’s admins with the information, leading to the series being postponed to a later date to give Valve time to fix the issue. 

“The series between Team Liquid and OG has been postponed,” Sheever said on the broadcast today. “There is a game-breaking bug that we are really hoping will be fixed very soon. But unfortunately, we need Valve for that. Hopefully, they can fix it soon and we can have the game, but it is not going to be today anymore.”

Blitz, Liquid’s coach, thanked Taiga for this show of sportsmanship, noting that OG could have easily said nothing and gone into the series with a massive advantage. But, as the coach pointed out, Taiga just told him that he wanted “an honest game of Dota” against some of his former teammates.

It is unclear if this bug will lead to other games being delayed across the Spring Tour, but the various tournament organizers and Valve should keep fans updated as the situation progresses.