New Dota 2 update disables role selection in high-rank games

More testing is being done in the high ranks.

Image via Valve

In another attempt to improve Dota 2’s matchmaking, Valve dropped an update just a day after the last one, this time to completely remove role selection in high-rank games. 

What that means is in any match that includes a player that has an MMR score of more than 7,500, role selection will automatically be turned off. 

The point of this update is to improve the quality of high-rank matches by letting players who know the game and multiple positions freely pick heroes without worrying about being typecast into a specific role. This will let teams swap lanes, pick more unique strategies, and better counter other team’s drafts by playing out of position if necessary.

Jeff Hill, a Valve employee, made sure to clarify what this change meant for the game when questions began popping up on the Dota 2 subreddit. 

“Right now it’s set for games that include a 7.5k+ MMR player,” Hill said. “But we’re tuning that value and watching queue times and match quality to see what the best setting is.”

Along with yesterday’s update, which brought back the strict solo matchmaking option for the fast queue, this is another change that will hopefully shorten matchmaking time and improve the overall quality of games. And, unlike the solo option, you do not need to turn on a setting to remove role select, it is done automatically when the game reaches the right benchmarks. 

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It is unclear if Valve is trying to test this purely because it could improve matchmaking times and game quality, or if the company also wants to see if players prefer this style of play in the higher ranks. It clearly provides more freedom, but it also opens the door for players to easily play out of position against the wishes of their teammates, which could easily cost teams a match. 

As Hill said, Valve will be closely watching the data from those high MMR games, so it should only be a matter of time before the developers make a call and either implement it fully or revert back to the role selection.