NA Dota Pro Circuit postpones remaining games between Felt, The Cut due to extreme weather

The decision was made to keep things fair for both sides.

Screengrab via Beyond the Summit

Arguably the most important series of the North American 2021 Dota Pro Circuit’s lower division is being postponed due to extreme weather circumstances impacting some of the players. 

Specifically, The Cut offlaner TingleK1ng was unable to play the entirety of game one because of power outages, leaving his team to play Felt down a player. Felt did end up taking game one, but Cut put up a good fight despite playing at a disadvantage.

Beyond the Summit and Valve then stepped in and announced the remainder of the series would be postponed because of the extreme weather, as the snow storm raging in the United States was affecting TingleK1ng’s ability to play. 

Both teams will decide on a future date to continue the series, though the first game’s results will still be recorded, giving Felt the 1-0 advantage. 

The winner of this series is going to have the best odds of securing the second promotion spot for the NA upper division heading into season two of the DPC. Simply TOOBASED already locked in the top seed, Cut sit in second at 4-1, and Felt are just a game behind them at 3-1.