Monkeys-forever pulls off an escape against 3 opponents in the top lane trees in Dota 2

Never doubt a crafty monkey.

Photo by Jennika Ojala via DreamHack

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Being rushed down by your opponents in any game isn’t a good time. But in Dota 2, taking on more than one opponent even by accident is usually just asking for death depending on the circumstance. 

Despite being in an awful situation where the enemy Ursa was right on top of him, professional Dota player Jaron “monkeys-forever” Clinton showed that you should never underestimate just how crafty a monkey surrounded by trees can be during a recent stream.

While pushing a lane solo on Lifestealer, monkeys-forever was trying to outmaneuver several of his opponents to gain some ground and steal a Bounty Rune from the enemy’s side of the map. At first, he seemed to avoid confrontation with the Ursa he called out earlier and proceeded to steal the rune before the opposing Lion could cut him off. 

As he made his escape, the Ursa managed to get in front of him and trap him as the enemy Doom also approached, ready to end his life and move on with the game. But one stun wasn’t enough to keep the pro down. He escaped the duo and led them into the thick forest of trees that surrounds the upper portion of the map. 

You could hear how quickly he was clicking his mouse as he zigged and zagged throughout the trees, losing the Ursa and then cutting back to ensure that he wouldn’t be called out again. At less than a fourth of his full health, monkeys watched as the Ursa ran around and re-entered the forest before moving out of range again. 

He started his recall and came just inches away from being discovered and taken down, but managed to pull off the great escape with only the Ursa even close to where he just was. Once back in the base, monkeys just grinned at the camera and told his viewers to “know your trees” before continuing on with the match. 

This is a perfect example of how knowing the smallest details of a map could save you from imminent death in a Dota 2 match. 

Sure, most of the reason monkeys didn’t die there was because he was able to outmaneuver his opponents, but that never would’ve happened if he didn’t know the optimal positions to view outside of the forest without compromising his spots. That’s one monkey who really knows his way around his habitat.