The world’s longest game of Dota 2 was truly ridiculous

Ban Techies.

Image via Valve

It’s not everyday you come across Dota 2 game that surpasses the one-hour mark. But yesterday, 10 players battled on for one hour, and then another, and then another. After five hours in total, the two teams finally completed the longest-ever recorded game in Dota 2’s history, according to the Dota 2 match database Dotabuff.

That’s right: five hours. A record-breaking length, and almost certainly one of the most miserable experiences in either of the players’ lives—not least due to the fact that there was both a Techies and a Sniper present in the match, heroes which are famous for their ability to stall out games.

If the prospect of facing up against a Techies for five hours isn’t frustrating enough, imagine having to put with a barrage of trash talk throughout the entire ordeal as well—as only a cursory glance through the chat will show what the players on the Radiant side were forced to deal with.

The two sides racked up a total of 494 kills throughout the 309 minute game, with the Radiant’s Invoker player scoring the single most in the entire game at 115. His closest rival came in the shape of the Dire side’s Legion Commander, who sat on 105 kills and a ridiculous 4,638 bonus damage from winning so many duels throughout the game. These numbers are highly irregular, and only go to show just how outrageous this game truly was.

If nothing else, the suffering of the nine players (the Tinker player had to leave after “only” three hours and 20 minutes had elapsed) that were in the game throughout its entirety should be commended.

The dedication required to spend the most of their day on a single game of Dota 2 is a ridiculous, but simultaneously, extremely admirable way of spending a Sunday.